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Makeup lesson & confidence.

I have clients sent me email sometimes wonder what the total beauty and shopping services involve, so I’d like to blog down some sessions from now on. I had makeup lesson with Ms. Mxxx yesterday. It was her second session with me. The first session was Personal color analysis.

The makeup lesson session started with a cup of tea. We had a chat to know her objective. She told me she wanted to have eye makeup just like mine. I was so happy to hear that, but she has sharp single eyelid which is the sexiest eyes. She is also expecting to get noticed for a new job role in her company. She wants to look elegant. I summarized her objective with these keywords #confidence #elegant #natural makeup look. For makeup lesson only, usually client will do their own makeup. First, I asked Ms. M to remove her own makeup. Then her face features assessment. This is the most important part before putting on makeup to check her features if she has more masculine or feminine lines and other parts for example her eyes and eyebrows position. Her eyes and eyebrow are wide-set type which mean she is kind, bright, cute and friendly young lady.

Since is expecting a promotion, I advised her to pay attention on eyebrow and eye makeup to pull them closer to have a close-set look to balance up with the rest of her facial features. Close-set look will usually have adult-like, reliable, wise image or impression.

In this session we will take into consideration her personal color which we already knew. She is yellow based. Here we used her personal color for foundation, blusher and lip color.

The makeup lesson lasted for an hour and a half.

Summary: case by case – for Ms. M #confidence = the eyebrow and bigger eyes #elegant = the makeup base and the triangle area of the face #natural = no nose shadow and lip color correction.

Had so much fun. Thank you so much for coming to the session and allowing me to use the pictures. Thank you for the sweets too, the pink cashew nut was so good. Love the color! PINK! Thank you, you made my #summer2020

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