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Connie Sui Fung

Tokyo Image Consultant
Men's Image Consultant

Member of the Association of Image Consultants International 

I always wondered how Japanese women appear not to age and always boast flawless faces? Although I had been to NY, San Francisco, Seoul, HK or Singapore, but Japanese women, famed for smooth skin and youthful complexions, they know a thing or two about looking fresh faced and fabulous. What’s the secret behind? 

Moved to Yokohama the next year after my 3rd child was born. Here miracles happened. Eye-opener of my view of Japanese beauty, manners and the inside out of Japanese beauty & culture. I used to stay with mother-in-law. Frankly, other than cooking I learned the definition of Japanese elegance throughout the years.

I have a strong believe in dressing well or making myself presentable equates to good manners. It’s just like making the person you meet feels good about you. I knew my personal appearance not only affect my emotion but it does affect how others react to me too especially the love ones.

“It’s rather the style that fits our lifestyle than we fit the style”.

The main story  – a family picture from Golden week trip. I was so upset with the picture – I looked like an old aunt. I saw myself in the mirror, the tired eyes, and the signs of an overworked mom stares back at me, I asked myself "Do I look like my age?". That was not what I wanted it to be. I didn't take great care of myself.  There I started to dedicate time for myself. I want to create a beautiful environment, beautiful memory and beautiful me as a mom, wife and woman of tomorrow.


My journey and passion to discovery beauty and self love didn’t stop with just myself. With the support from family, I had the opportunity to attend a well known Japanese image consultant Academy in Ginza. I became a certified Face & Body Analysis, certified Personal Color analysis, Personal Styling & shopper and personal Makeup lessons with an Image Consultant diploma.  After worked with people's image over the year, I also realize that our manners are also a vital tool of communication. They speak louder than words. No matter how well we dress, if we are not sensitive of the correct cultural manners, we are likely to give something completely confusing situation and resulting in mixed messages. 

"Every woman deserves to feel beautiful."
I have the passion to help other women feel beautiful and confident through the journey I went through.

Knowing the colors, style and face type gives a clarity and a direction to go;  set them free from frustration of not knowing what to wear, how to wear makeup properly and aware of Japanese beauty etiquette to make good impression that fit their lifestyle. 

I can't wait to meet you.

Fung Kimura


Tokyo Image Consultant


I was born and raised in Tokyo and I’m passionate about beautiful things including fashion and makeup. I studied Fine Arts at university in the USA and my mother is a flower artist so I developed eyes in beauty and colors through flowers and fine arts.
I have international mind and eyes. I believe in diversity and beauty in all shapes and colors. I speak Japanese, English, French and Spanish. I studied western style art and fashion while I lived in many different countries -  USA for 9 years, Spain for 5 years, Switzerland for 4 years, France for 1 year and UK for 1 year. 
I am an artist and also an IT professional. I have been working for top global IT companies for more than 15 years. I am in the sales department and I noticed that the first impression matter when I meet new people through job interviews, sales activities and parties. Many business people don’t have time to think about color coordinate and makeup so I would like to help them finding suitable images that enhance their confidence, job performance, and beautiful parts of their bodies.

Kanon I


Violeta Arai

Tokyo Image Consultant

Born and raised in Bulgaria, Sofia, Violeta cultivated her love of fashion and style at a very young age. She quickly discovered it was her upbringing that allowed her to feel unique and passionate about color & style.
Violeta has lived in Singapore, Cambodia, and Myanmar. 
It was in Tokyo, however, where Violeta discovered a deep love and understanding of the power of personal style and received her training in image consulting. 
Violeta believes style is about creativity and self-expression, not labels and trends. It is about communicating yourself every day to the people around you—about being seen and heard. 
She is committed to working very closely with clients to develop their personal style and to listen carefully to their needs, goals and lifestyles.