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Online Color Analysis

Discover Your True Colors 

Learn color theory and how you can use it for yourself to enchance your personal wardrobe and makeup.


One hour online session

We will meet online on video chat/ZOOM.  You will learn about color theory,  how to look more stylish with colors technique for your wardrobe & makeup and discover your best colors. I will answer any questions you have on how to select and combine them.


After the online session with you, I will send you a personalized color analysis report with the following information:

  • Your season and any secondary influences I can see

  • Your best darkest and lightest neutrals

  • Your best accent colors

  • How to wear colors that don’t suit you

  • Best colors for makeup, your hair and accessories (Including your glasses frames)

  • How to mix and match your colors to best suit your coloring

  • Take away a personalized digital color palette in the perfect colors which you can open on your phone and use when you are shopping or putting outfits together.



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After payment, we will schedule zoom session with you through email


See you online. 


JPY 18500
60 minutes zoom

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