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I used to shop for black color clothes. After knowing my personal color, I stop buying black color clothing and get colors that compliment me.  I thought I need a thick foundations to look flawless, after the makeup lesson I learnt easy step to get luminous look..”

— Mrs. V. Arai, Housewife

Staying more than 11 years in Japan. I have no idea about makeup and fashion. I don’t know where to buy clothes that suitable for me. I am glad I came to learn from Fung, It solved my dressing manner living in Japan. I never wear any accessories, I am happy to find out what kind of accessories for me. I love the earrings and clothing you picked for me . I surprised my husband with my new look for 13th marriage anniversary dinner. He smiled and commented in Japanese “見た目が若返ったね”. And right after dinner, he asked me for movie date.  Feeling like going back to dating period ♪I have to attend my daughter’s graduation ceremony and new school entrance soon, please help me with the shopping.

Mrs. K.Furukawa,
Restaurant owner

从大学开始就一直以长发马尾辫的形象示人的我最近突然剪了短发,但总觉得自己短发的样子有些不自然不知道该怎样搭配,于是在朋友介绍下预约了Color Me Tokyo的image consulting。这次形象咨询的体验中,改变的不仅仅是妆容和发型,两位专业的consultant通过肤色分析在服装色彩的搭配、配饰的风格上也给出了详细建议。这次体验之后,我发现平时不敢尝试的明亮而鲜艳的颜色穿在身上意外地非常出彩!正赶上年末打折季,我已经等不及去买新衣服啦

— Ms. Ruofei
Google executive







— Ms. Yumi 
Senior Pharmacist


— Ms. T 


— Ms. M. Takahashi , English Teacher

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