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Fashion in Pink

Menu 01

Total Beauty

Face Type Analysis 
Body Type Analysis
Personal Color Analysis
Basic Makeup lesson
Style Analysis


Mini Pocket color book

Personalized report (more than 40pages)

Digital color palette

100 ways to be stylish ideas

150 minutes    ¥49000

Why Color Me Tokyo Menu 01?

One session with these analysis tools to know your taste, fit and proportion, color and style:

This menu comes with
basic makeup lesson. Face is the main factor for making great impression. Nothing complete without a proper makeup application.



With these theory you know
✓ Face style (feminine & masculine line)
✓ Hairstyle 
✓ Clothing, Prints and stripe
✓ Shoes, bags, hat style
✓ Jewelries style
✓ Neckline & beltline
✓ season color & best colors
✓ Undertone 
✓ makeup color for your undertone
✓ makeup style  know how
✓ personal style for work and daily

Knowledge is power. Understand yourself better,  you can enjoy fashion, no more impulse buys and you can change your style with the  balance of clothing and face makeup style to the image you want to acheive.

Color Me Tokyo

Session Flow

 2.5 hours


Get to know you and your objective. Take `before` session picture.




Face Type Analysis 

Analysis based on individual facial features. You will look appealing if you dress according to your face type. We will analysis your face maturity (baby face or mature face) and then look at how sharp or soft your facial features. 

A session to find out your matching patterns, shoes,hairstyle, jewelry. Shops and magazines for your face type.


An analysis to know your unique bone and body structure and learn to create the silhouette that flatter your body. A session to find out the design and texture for your body type. Know your neckline and waistline point.


Body Type Analysis


Using personal color analysis test drapes to find your colors that based on your skin tone, hair color and eyes. You will know if your are yellow base or blue base undertone, your season and 12 type personal colors. 


 Personal Color Analysis


Basic makeup lesson with the balance of your facial features that highlight your unique inner beauty. Will show you the makeup color for your undertone.


Personal Makeup Lesson

Picture Taking 

A quick hair advise before taking `After` picture with your color drapes

Woman Shopping

Personalized detail summary report (more than 40 pages)
100 ways to be stylish slide
Digital Color palette

Feedback From Clients


Great team with wonderful personality. They helped me find what colors and style would best work for me. The session didn’t just end there, they also prepared a complete personalized report that I can use as a styling handbook. Highly recommended.”

— Ms Novita, from Indonesia


I went here as a gift from my fiance as I often say "I don't know what looks good on me" or "Can you help me decide on a shirt to go with this" etc. I was very happy with the service as the lady's here were very professional and offered me great advice based off of what I wanted. It has helped me find confidence in my choices now when I shop and pick out clothes for myself. I recommend going if you have ever felt the same..”

— Ms Kaylynn, from USA


“Highly recommend to anyone who needs a roadmap to make shopping easier and less stressful.”

— Ms Caitlin, from UK


“Her team is a dream to work with. They make you feel at home and go above and beyond with their service.”

— Ms Ananya, from India

Menu 02

Personal Color & Face Analysis

Personal Color Analysis
A session to learn your:

✓ Season color
 12 Type Personal color NEW
✓ Undertone (warm/cool)
✓ Jewelry and makeup color 

✓ Color combination

✓ know your makeup color

Facial Feature Analysis

✓ know your feminine/masculine lines
✓ know your styling taste 

✓ how to choose clothing and fashion items  based on your face features
GIFT: Mini Pocket Color Book


90 minutes ¥35000

Menu 03

Shopping Trip

Personal Shopping Trip

She helps you find the desired clothing style and at the same session, you will learn:
✓ fashion update

✓ suitable dressing style
✓ how to match and style 

✓ Color combination

Recommend for seasonal shopping.

2 hours ¥35000

Extra 1 hour ¥12000

* Must complete Color Me Tokyo Menu 01

Personal Color Analysis

Personal Color Analysis
A session to learn your:

✓ Season color

 12 Type Personal color NEW 
✓ Undertone (warm/cool)
✓ Jewelry an
d hair color 

✓ Styling and color combination

✓ know your makeup color

GIFT: Mini Pocket Color Book

1 hour ¥25000

Woman in White Jacket

Menu 05


Please choose one from:

+Cosmetics shopping trip
+ Brassiere shopping trip

+Hair salon trip 
+ Fine jewelry shopping
+Seasonal styling consultation
+Personalized makeup lesson
+Color coordination styling
+Non Verbal Communication for the executive
+Japan beauty & elegance etiquette 

1.5 hours    ¥28000

Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper

Shop on your behalf 

¥15000 + 10% of the total bill purchase

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