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With no travel requirement, your course investment is more affordable and you can learn it anytime and anywhere.

Courses in English, Chines
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Value for money at affordable price.

Money back guarantee if you don't learn anything.

self study

No age limit or no special requirement. This course is instructor-led course over the zoom. 

Online course

Access anytime and anywhere. Course is taught online. Email support included.

Made in japan

For styling globally


All in English. 

Online Courses

Image Consultant (Certification Course)

Become a certified Image Consultant for a beginner​​

Duration: 2 months
Start date: Anytime


MEN Image Consultant

(Certification Course)

Become a certified MEN Image Consultant for a beginner​​



Frequently asked questions

How to apply this course?

Yes! To buy the courlse follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the course
  2. Click the "proceed to checkout" button
  3. enter payment details
  4. once payment done, we will send you a welcome email and schedule the first zoom lesson.

Where is this course location?

This course is made and conducted in Japan. Everything is instructor-led and taught online. 100% online course, you can study anywhere and anytime at your on pace.

How to pay?

Most credit cards are acceptable. Once payment received, we will send you a welcome email and schedule the first zoom lesson.

How long is the course?

Honestly, it just depends on you. How fast you consume your lessons. Ideally, schedule once to twice a week online meeting lesson. Do the practice and test. Each online zoom lesson is 90minutes.The whole course can be completed in about 2 months. If you want to learn it in intensively, we can arrange that too. We are flexible about the timeline. We can arrange the schedule that fits you.

Kanon , Image Consultant

I have learnt the know how  in short term and able to help my client to get the  desire result 

Miu, Kimono Rental Owner

Amazing to know about the color theory. It's getting easier for to help my customer to choose kimono color in short time.

Yew Kong, Professional Photograher

I am excited to find out my wow color.