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5-Day Personal Styling Course

Learn How To Self Style in Tokyo


Presented by Color Me Tokyo

This course is for ladies who want to:
find their style Vibe
change their current style but don’t know how
improve their Personal style
have more confidence in buying clothes/cosmetic
want to upgrade their skill for personal development
be more stylish and try new things

In this course will cover

  • How to apply this course?
    Yes! To buy the courlse follow these simple steps: Select the course Click the "proceed to checkout" button enter payment details once payment done, we will send you a welcome email and schedule the first lesson.
  • How long is the course?
    Honestly, it just depends on you. How fast you consume your lessons. Ideally, schedule once to twice a week lesson. Do the practice and test. Online Image Consultant Training course - each online zoom lesson can be scheduled from 90 minutes to 3 hours. The whole course can be completed in about 2 months. If you want to learn it in intensively, we can accommodate. Online Personal Color Analysis Training - 3 hours of 6 zooms session. We can arrange the schedule that fits you.
  • Where is this course location?
    This course is made and conducted in Japan. Face-to-face class will be in Tokyo at Hiroo studio (8 minutes from Hiroo station) Online Courses Everything is instructor-led and taught online. 100% online course, you can study anywhere and anytime at your on pace.
  • How to pay?
    Most credit cards are acceptable. Once payment received, we will send you a welcome email and schedule the first zoom lesson.

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