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The Image Consultant course is to develop the sense of styling with Japanese taste in a more international way with the keyword #GLOBAL 

Fashion Business


  • Looking for a new opportunity in Image

  • Personal Stylist

  • Personal shopper

  • Fashion or beauty blogger 

  • Fashion shop owner

  • You want to increase knowledge in the field of fashion and beauty

  • Housewife who want to do freelance 

  • Entrepreneur

  • No previous experience and education in fashion is not required

  • You can be a beginner 

  • For personal upgrade

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All in English. 


Personal Color Analysis
(9 hours)

Color Theory
Skin undertone
The Color Analysis Steps
How to Use Color Drapes
Fabric Swatch Demonstration
Color in Fashion

color combinations: rules

how to combine NO-colors. 

pastel colors, silver and gold

the most trendy color combinations

colors of clothes and accessories

colors and body shape

how to use prints – mix&match

how to use stripes in outfit

how to match accessories to your outfit

How to choose color in Makeup and workplace
How to make Image Consultation about Colors
How to make Color Image Presentation to client

Online class.jpg

Body analysis
(6 hours)

Japanese method of body line analysis
How to identify each type

How to create wardrobe for straight type body
How to create wardrobe for wave type body
How to create wardrobe for natural type body
How to look taller
How to elongate the legs
What to do to volumize
What to do to look slimmer
How to minimize them: Square or large shoulders
How to “lift” them: Drooping shoulders
How to make it look bigger: Small bust
How to “inflate” it: small bust
How to “deflate” it: Full belly
How to minimize it: Big bottom
How to reduce them: Big legs, knees or chubby ankles
How to dress them: Skinny legs
How to create stylish looks for different body types
combination of geometry in a female shape
How to choose a swimsuit for different shapes
How to choose clothes for different body types: practical advice
composition of outfit. How to combine layers
How clothes should fit


Face Analysis
(7 hours)

What is Face Analysis
geometric proportions of facial features
golden proportions
how to measure
Photo and record
Scale of features
Shapes of features
Childlike vs Mature style
Masculine/Sharp feature vs Feminine/Soft feature
How to determine face type
How to style according to face type
~ hairstyle, bag, eyewear, jewelry, print, jacket, tops.
How to find balance


Style Analysis
( 3 hours)

The importance of identify client style
The Business casual style
The Creative Style
The Boho-Chic Style
The Sexy Style
The Casual Style
The Sport Style
The Street Style
The Hip-Hop Style
The Chic Style
The Classic Style
The Rock Style
The Preppy Style
The Geek Chic style
The Romantic Style
The Minimalism Style
The Lolita style
The Decora style
The Harajuku style
The Japanese Kawaii style
The Japanese Elegance style
The New York style
The 20’s, 50’s, 80’s
How to choose the style for client

Appropriate style vs casual style
Top Japanese Designer
Top Italian Designer


Personal makeup
(7 hours)

Makeup station preparation
Define a consulting style -

   intimate, warm and friendly
Pre-consultation evaluation and intake steps 
Makeup tools 
Name of face parts and zones
Skincare basics
How to do face cleansing and apply skin care
Review taking before and after photos
How to achieve artistically ideal proportions and features.
Makeup base, control colors, concealer, foundation & face powder
Foundation selection
Review the 3 concealer colors and what they conceal
How to apply makeup base -  concealer, makeup base
How to apply foundation
How to apply powder  
How to shape the eyebrows
How to apply eyeshadow
How to apply eyeliner
How to apply mascara
How to apply blusher  
How to apply lip-liner
How to apply lipstick
Discuss cleaning up after the application
Review checking your work and finishing touches to the client’s head and look
Present taking an after photo
How to choose makeup Color for client
Natural Makeup Look
Makeup for workplace
Evening out makeup Look
The Secret of Japanese flawless makeup look

Makeup Brushes

Personal shopper
(6 hours) 

Who is a personal stylist
Secrets of personal shopping.
How to make image and style consultation
How to create a new shopping plan
Must have of the wardrobe
How to choose shoes
How to choose a bag
How to choose glasses
How to choose belts
How to choose hats
How to use accessories
How to choose a swimsuit for different body type
How to combine layers
How to work and style  with client
Where to get dresses for client


Non Verbal Communication
(3 hours)

First impression
Elements of Body language
How to identify the messages and attitudes in individual posture
Confident posture 
Appropriate gesture
Facial expression
Eye contact

Posture meaning in culture (Japanese Vs International)
The best gesture to look beautiful

How to pose in picture taking



IMage Business start up know how (3 hours)

How to set up new business, promote, market and grow your fashion, style or image business.

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Color Drapes Case

Silver and Gold Drape

Cotton Color Drapes
(28 pieces)


Color PocketWheel 

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Meet the Instructor


I started  Image Consultancy business in Tokyo, Japan for the passion of Japanese self-image and beauty. I started the business from scratch. I run the business myself, I manage client account and handle salon work. I know what you want and need to know from personal training, setup the business,  how to acquire customer,  customer report,  social media and etc.

The course is conducted in English and with an affordable course fee.  I knew the course fee in Japan is usually high.  This is my vision, I want to share my beautiful experiences in doing Image business in Japan to the world. 

See you online!




Very detailed and hands on course.

Lots of quizes within-session and homework which helped to develop my understanding.


We learned 2 theories (Japanese and global) I thought that was amazing will help to know more than one theory.


Ms Connie made sure I had access to every information as possible and gave many tips! 

Ms Tomona Y,   Image Coach