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Online Personal Color Analyst Training Course

Thank you #Internet #Zoom for being able to meet and work with amazing global young entrepreneur and lady boss. Nothing is impossible in this digital world.

We have prepared the training material that is easy for student to understand and most importantly practical draping - color draping technique and how to develop the eyes.

It was lovely to have zoom lessons with Jeen, She has the passion for Personal Color Analysis. At the end of each zoom, she could answered all the quiz. Other than lesson, we also chatted and laughed during the lesson.

Interesting story?- on zoom 6. Her brother came in as her model for her draping practical. We were talking about the secret of his eyebrow - sharp, dark and natural. She told us, it was the butterfly pea flower. Her grandmother rubbed the blue ink from butterfly pea flower on his eyebrow when he was very young to have dark eyebrow and hair. Amazing story!

Warmest part? Delighted to meet her Mom and Dad, they came in as her color draping model too. Mom is very friendly, beautiful and young. Father is talkative and friendly too. Family with full of love!

Best part? Her draping technique - simply beautiful and liked her smile!

Congratulations! She has completed the course. I am still thinking about her! Wish her the best for her new Color Business. Hope to see you in Tokyo!

Thank you for the lovely zoom time! Violeta also shared a lot of great tips with her.

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