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Styling tips: Wear The Right Bra

Just like a building, a solid foundation for a strong building. Same to women wear. Your clothing & outfits cannot be their best without a proper structure underneath.

Loved my April 2022. I can't stress enough how happy I was to accompany my repeat client for brassiere (bra) shopping. Last year, she came to Color Me Tokyo session. I noticed that she has beautiful bust, just that they were not fit properly into the cloth. She told us she is comfortable with camisole bra. Although client wants #comfy first, but our job is to reassure the basic way to look good and comfortable. Let's start with proper bra with the right fit and also comfortable.

The trip started with, of course, the bust and cup size measurement. Yes, you need to have a professional fitting done. Then, how to wear the bra, this is important. With the right size, fit and way to wear, you can see the beautiful and fullness of bustline. Yes, your feminine energy level increased!

5 out of 10 Color Me Tokyo clients are not wearing the right bra. Some came in with sport bra and also we have client wearing her mother’s bra. We are not selling bra here. All we care is client good looking.

If your breasts don’t have the proper lift, they will not fit properly into your clothes. This often results in clothing not lying properly and giving the appearance of poor tailoring, even if the dress is a high end luxury piece. Wrong bra size may result in a saggy breast look too.

There are variety bra styles which all give unique silhouettes especially in Japan. Push up for another cm fullness result. A body hugging knit dress needs a different bra.

Last but not least, a proper care. Hand wash is the best option.

Beauty from outside and inside. Although people couldn't see what inner we wear but we could feel it. Inner wear is the first thing touches our skin.

Happy to see her smile after the shopping trip. We want women to feel beautiful, sexy and happiness! Spending a bit of money on a properly fitted bra can also impact a woman’s sense of confidence with her shape. Let's enjoy feminism with beautiful inner wear.

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