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Color Me Tokyo Menu 01

HAPPY NEW YEAR! First 2023 blog , cheers for a wonderful year.

Year 2022 was a wonderful year. I want to sincerely thank you all for the support you gave us. Without you, we wouldn't be where we are. Sending you all a HUGE hug and lots of gratitude, for being a part of it.

Recently, I received enquires about what is Color Me Tokyo 01 Menu about. It is the total beauty session, our signature menu. I decided to blog it down here in detail about the session flow with my lovely client. She kindly let me use the pictures, thanks to her.

We meet you at our studio in Hiroo. After get to know you a bit, we introduce how we style based on the face feature, bodyline & color analysis system, and basic make up lesson.

Color Analysis ➨ Face Analysis ➨ Bodyline analysis ➨ Basic make up ➨ pictures

Color Analysis: After analyse your skin, hair, eye and overall image, will start with 30 test drapes. After that we drape according to season color - 120 drapes. Each season 30 drapes. Result; know your undertone(cool or warm) and season color (Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter)

know your clothing colors, glasses color, makeup color, jewelry color, nails color, hair color and explanation on color combination rule and style.

Bodyline analysis: learn how to dress according yo your bodyline, and know your belt and necklace line

Face Analysis: After check and measure her face feature ratio and golden balance. You will know how many feminine and masculine lines you have. Know your face style to dress well. This analysis you will get to know what is your clothing taste, hair style, prints, hats, shoes, bags, jewelry, glasses shape.

Elegant make up lesson - apply the makeup color after knowing your undertone. Use the right color makeup, the right technique you will see the different.

Hairstyle advise

After picture and more styling talk to wrap up the session.

Session report(more than 40 pages), digital drape and ways to to be stylish file will be sent within one week via email.

What is in the report? Fashion taste of face analysis, what to wear and what are not from bodyline analysis, color palette with color drape picture, know your charm point, makeup lesson step, what cosmetic color to buy.

Both Violeta and myself really enjoyed the whole session. We love to serve our clients coffee/tea and see their beautiful smile! the magic smile!

Thank you for reading! Hope this new year we could meet more lovely ladies to level up their beauty and style ! A session to know your charm point! The Confidence you! The new you!

Looking forward to seeing you at our studio in Hiroo!

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