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choosing the right color ~ lipstick?

Updated: May 27, 2019

Played with color. Finding the right lipstick for COOL tone lady. Are you COOL(Blue) or WARM(Yellow) skin tone? Knowing your skin tone and what colors suit you best. The correct complementary hue can brighten your complexion, make your eyes sparkle, and enhance your whole appearance so you can put your best face forward. And it can all start with a simple lipstick.

When it comes to choosing the right lip color, it's all about your skin tone. Warm tone ~ look natural and lovely in orange related lip color while cool tone - more on rose color.

Some lipsticks color can go for both Cool/warm tone. Today, I tried some of the lip color for this lovely Blue base lady. She looked fabulous with Estée Lauder no.1. Crystal Baby Creme This lip color is best for both Blue or Yellow base.

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