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What colors to wear after 40?

Updated: May 1, 2020

Most of my clients wear black just for the reason to look slimmer. When I help client to choose colors for their wardrobe I usually try to avoid black, if client is over 40. Sometimes a woman reaches the age that she can’t make herself wear certain colors, even if colors flatter her. Then wear lighter color than black or wear monochromatic color to create a slimming illusion and look chic.

Monochromatic color dressing

Black color after 40-45 years old is quite dangerous.

Try not to wear black near to the face. That means black tops, t-shirts, shirts, blazers may not look best because it could aging yourself and look heavy. So, after 40-45 years old I will suggest client to wear black away from the face, for example wear black skirt with a white/ivory top or at least to mix black with a pastel color top.

Well, wear any colors you like as long as you feel comfortable. When you feel comfortable and happy, you feel young.

Thank you for reading.

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