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What color to wear in Japan?

Living in Japan for more than 8 years. I don’t see many people wearing colorful clothing. Noticed Japanese are into neutral colors. They have a great sense of simplicity style. Their simple rule is don`t wear lots of flashy colors together, it’s not classy.

In most Asian countries, red is the lucky color. Yellow for the Royal family. White for funeral.

In Japan, white represents purity, cleanliness, and is seen as a blessed color. Because of the sacred nature of the color, white is the color of weddings and other joyful life events.

When attend Japanese wedding, never wear white, because the color’s already taken by the bride, you shouldn’t be more conspicuous than her. So, avoid wearing a white dress.

Empress Masako wore a long white dress on a ceremony to mark her husband Emperor Naruhito ascension to the throne, the commencement of the new Reiwa Era, which the government translates as "beautiful harmony."

The official color scheme to celebrate the occasion: three colors inspired by spring blossoms, namely ume (plum), sumire (violet) and sakura (cherry blossom) by the Japan Fashion Color Association (JAFCA).

courtesy image from meeco

Black is formal color and classy. Be careful about combining a black suit with a string of pearls, as the effect may end up making you look like you are going to a funeral.

I learnt about what purple color stands for in Japan during Personal Color Analysis session with my Japanese client. I selected the autumn purple for her. She told me that she would never wear that purple – it is the color for the highest ranking monk.

Japanese mothers usually wear navy color outfit to pick up their kids or attend school event especially private kindergarten or elementary school.

As in many other countries, very bright or dark lipsticks and smoky, intense eye palettes are best. In Japan, neutral color makeup is common.

The best thing to do is carefully check out what people around you are wearing and figure out the acceptable range from them. When in doubt, wear relatively natural, simple and non-flashy color. Go for navy color, with that nothing can go wrong and it’s incredibly flattering on everyone no matter the occasion.

Which navy for you?

Which navy color for you?

Thank you for reading.

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