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Unlock Your Femininity

I believe that the key to a better you is unlocking the power of femininity - and master self styling skill is the first step to prepare yourself for success and confident. This blog is to feature about my young client at her mid-20s.

She arrived at Azabu salon cheerfully. I can tell young lady is always energetic, but she is not the normal young lady. She is a lady with full of empowerment. Her purpose for #ColorMeTokyo session was to gain in femininity and have a guideline of shopping for herself.

When I was her age, I had no idea what I want. I didn't care about my look, my behavior and my talking, till I hit 40s.

Back to her, I favor ladies with ambitions and know what they really want. She is one of them.

We served her a bottle of mineral water and started to get to know her more. We took her face features measurement. The Face Analysis proved that she has all the feminine lines. Just need a little makeup trick to highlight her full feminine look.

After Color analysis, we put on makeup colors that suitable for her skin tone.

We also took the body measurement to advice what clothing line and fit for her body shape.

The session was fun, we also talked about her new lifestyle in Japan.

Few days after the session, I sent her a 30pages report (an example see below).

I was so happy to get her feedback about the report.

Other than her feminine style, I also noticed that she is very photogenic. Meaning, she is looking beautiful in both real life and digital world too!

Thanks for reading!

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