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Secret to Japanese Elegance after 40s

My first blog in Year 2021, the year of brightness, hopefulness and strength.

As you age, eyes begin to appear droopy, tired and puffy with visible fine lines. Good example like myself. I have the puffy eyes and I no longer can take the same makeup method that I used to do in my 20s or 3os. Time for a change. Just a simple makeup technique to refine or enhance it.

Most of my clients also talked to me about their fine lines(wrinkle) with displeasure. I always replied to them that wrinkles show maturity and the woman you. A little wrinkles can show your femininity too. I do have a few lines too and I do like them on my face - I feel like that's me. I have shared with my clients my method on how to make them look good and how to avoid on getting more.

My repeater client, at her 50s. We met at cafe. For repeat customers, they don't have to come to my salon because I already had their color analysis done. My clients love to talk, I find cafe is the best place to chat and can make them relax.

The lesson started by knowing her face better. I let her measured her face features herself so that she will understand where to have more makeup and where to focus.

I let her put on the makeup by herself so that after she got home, she will still remember it. The makeup lesson for elegant look took more than about 1 hour because most of the time we were talking nothing about makeup.

After the makeup done, she told me that was the look she wanted to have. Happy to see her smile! Her eyes are the catch and very attractive.

Get the answer to what is holding your back. If you find it difficult to be the kind of yourself or feel confident in yourself, why not take #ColorMeTokyo signature menu to discover your charm and increase your confidence.

Let's start 2021 with a wonderful feeling and make it your meaningful year! Thanks for reading!

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