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Reasons to hire an Image Consultant

This lovely young lady Miss Ananya, signed up for Color Me Tokyo signature menu with 2 times support of non verbal communication skill session and accompanied skin clinic support with casual shopping trip.

Before the actual session, I met her at café for a quick first meeting. There I started to analyze her talking, her walking, her look and find out more about her. This meeting reminded me of my 20s – I flew to Singapore to start my first job right after graduated from American university – the independent lifestyle of being away from home(Malaysia).

Back to her, she is Tokyo newcomer and just started her first job right after graduated from an American prestige university.

Her purpose for Color Me Tokyo session is to learn makeup and dressing that works for her.

We analyzed her face features and measured her face proportion to identify the best hair style, shoes, bags, accessories, makeup style and clothing line for her. We also took the body measurement to identify her body shape to find the right balance for her body shape. Color analysis to check her color palette for her makeup and clothing. The real purpose of Color analysis is not only tell what colors she’ll look good in, but rather what colors will make her more effective in her profession too. As in makeup color, she has warm undertone, a warm color lipstick like orange tone lip color will do the trick.

Lastly, makeup lesson to complete the good look. She has beautiful and proportioned features – just a little makeup to enhance her beautiful features will do the trick. I admired her being open to change. She took my recommendation to apply colored eyebrow mascara to soften the look.

In short, the importance of knowing yourself, your look and your image: Color Me Tokyo = Face・Body・Color・Style Analysis + Makeup lesson

Her image is our passion. Wish she will enjoy Japan lifestyle with our recommendations.

The thing that impresses me most about her is her ambition to lead a big corporation. Our future power woman! I know she will success for sure!

She is such a lovely, energetic and fabulous young lady. Violeta and myself really had good time working with her.

Thank you for taking Color Me Tokyo session.

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