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Online Face Features Analysis

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Japan Face Analysis based on your face features flattering lines (sharp line or soft line) to identify your style, your best hair style, makeup style, clothing line, jewelry and accessories.

A tool to find out your matching fashion taste that make good impression. You will look appealing if you dress according to your face type.

We will analysis your face maturity (baby face or mature face) and then look at how sharp or soft your facial features.

For instance, see the following picture, she is a cool lady with more sharp lines facial features and mature face. Which clothing lines for her?

She can take both, but she looked well-put together, sophisticated & chic with sharp lines of clothing.

How to do Face Analysis online?

Please Buy Here japanfaceanalysisonline

After payment, we will mail you the session form and schedule the 45 minutes zoom session.

During the zoom session, we will advise your facial features result and how to dress accordingly.

After the zoom session, a report for about 20 pages will be sent via email.

Guaranteed fun session!

Our recent feedback - client all the way from USA. Had an awesome time with her!

Thank you for the feedback and opportunity!

"Excellent service! Color Me Tokyo was incredibly responsive, professional, and kind. I had never experienced a styling consultation but Connie and Violeta talked to me personally through video call where I learned my style through Face Analysis. They went above and beyond offering loads of helpful advice and insight regarding my body type and current wardrobe as well, even providing a comprehensive style report. I really enjoyed speaking with them and I highly recommend this business for anyone who wants personal style recommendations or is simply curious."

The biggest benefit is understand your lines (masculine or feminine lines) you will have basic knowledge what suits you and what are not.

For Personal, Click Here

Face Analysis Training Course

See you online!

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