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Men Image Styling in Ginza

Our new member, Violeta's first 2.5 hours Men Image Styling job. This session includes body type analysis, color analysis, styling and shopping trip.

As always, it started with a drink, get-to-know you and objective session. Violeta listened patiently to Mr.J, the gentleman whom wants to look casual, young and stylish.

With the keywords given by client, Violeta started to take body measurement to check his body type. From here, we will know which type of clothing style will fit him.

Next step is to find out the color that look young and stylish on him. The magic of color is to make him smile for sure.

Violeta also checked his shopping list and budget before leaving the salon for his new wardrobe.

With the keywords, Violeta carefully selected the new items, also explained what works and what doesn't for his new look. Waited for him outside the changing room with a smile and of course carried his bag too.

After 1.5 hours. The result here:-

New image of Mr.J: Young yet casual with a touch of style ☆彡

Summary, the benefit of this session:

we’ll point out a color or a style that you haven’t thought to wear

✔ It will help you select clothes that will attract women.

✔ You’ll discover quality that suits your style of living. ✔ we help you select items that will last longer, and have a lower lifetime cost.

So not only do you save time, you also save money.

✔ we are not taking any commission from the store and don’t try to sell you clothes. Our agenda is your good looks.

✔ most importantly fun and comfortable experience in the professional way

That evening, Mr.J sent a nice feedback.

More information please visit

Thank you Mr.J for coming and let us post your pictures too.

Violeta, bravo!!!!

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