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Lessons from Japanese Guru

Be in on child rearing, how to live in Japan like Japanese, how to handle Japanese husband or Japanese beauty or Fashion. I have never stopped learning all these since I settled down in Japan. I believe in respecting each other cultures and continuing learning.

I always approach my Japanese friends for their inputs. Frankly, they are very open to help. I am deeply grateful for this.

My Japanese friend Ms. S. not only told me how she managing her work & family&kid. She also sharing with me her beauty routine and styling habit. We went shopping the other day and chatting forever. The day with fulled of learning. She said this jacket(see below ) looks good on me. Well, I couldn't agree more.

In summary, my Japanese guru is not only my Teacher in Image Consulting School. My mom-in-law, my sister-in-laws, my neighbors, my Japanese friends, My Japanese Mom friends, my customer are my gurus too. Really appreciate their patience, support and help.

This post only mentioning ladies guru. Next post, will mention about gentlemen.

One more, the media. Thanks to internet. Non-stop Learning from Cooking to styling.

Let's Enjoy Japan the fun way💕

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