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Kid Friendly Basic Makeup training session

The first lesson for Basic Makeup training course has kicked off this month for the new Image Coach. We, Image Consultant, believe that with the right makeup application and right makeup color can make us positively glow.

We are not makeup artists. All we care is a stylish, balanced look that will make our client feel really confident and ready to face the day.

The practical training started right after theory briefing of fundamental of makeup application. From makeup remover technique, skin care application to makeup base.

This was Ms T's first time applying makeup for someone else. She has got the skill. I like her brushing skill, soft and gentle especially the eye makeup. The makeup model looked polished. Like the session so much!

What I enjoyed most was the little cute guest's dancing while the mother was doing the practical. Ms T came with her daughter. It was lovely to meet her little girl. While we were going through the theory, she was practicing makeup too - on her drawings. How adorable.

This is definitely one of my best memories for year 2021.

Thank you Little T for coming, Not forgetting Ms M for being the makeup model #Thankful

Thank you Ms T, see you in the second session!

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