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Japan Face Type Analysis to dress according to your face

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

I received mails asking about this interesting tool and I decided to make the it online so anyone can access it anytime and anywhere.

What is this about?

A tool to check your fashion style based on your facial features (i.e position of eyes). Japan Face Type analysis identifies your most flattering lines (straight or curve), which are the lines that harmonize with your natural geometry. An interesting analysis tool using a specific calculation to find the best matching clothing style & taste which is developed by Japan Face Type Analysis Association. First, determine the face maturity (baby-faced or mature-faced) and then check the sense of line (masculine line or feminine - curvy line). There are 4 basic types, but later subcategories into 8 types for more specific reasons

Cute type has a real sweet look with girlish lines

Active Cute type has an energetic look with pop lines Fresh type has a casual and down to earth look with friendly lines Cool Casual type has a mixture of sporty and casual look with boyish lines Feminine has elegant and womanly look with sexy lines Soft Elegant type has clean look with delicate lines Elegant has traditional and classy look with refined lines Cool type has a chic and modern look with sharp lines

How this tool helps you on your everyday dressing? Understand your lines (masculine or feminine lines) you will have basic knowledge what suits you and what are not. For example, Cool type woman will not look as good as Cute type woman on rounded peter pan collar shirt – reason is Cute type woman reads as girlish. The curving lines on facial features – the lines of the clothes should be curving. Look appropriate, not ridiculous, in girlish details such as small bows, tiny flowers, or puffed sleeves.

Appearance improves substantially by simply knowing which of face type is yours and use it as a tool to find your style.

What is yours?

Online Face Analysis service available here >>>

For Face Analysis Training course

Thank you for reading.

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