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Inspiring Book Author Visited Color Me Tokyo

November is another lovely month at Color Me Tokyo atelier. A place where I could meet all the amazing ladies around the world. This month an amazing author from Brazil came to our session. So excited to meet Larissa and had a great session with her about her makeup, styling and color image.

We enjoyed listening to her story about her first children's book, "Olly, the lone Red squirrel". It is about being accepted even if you are different from the rest.

She told us that instructional book is not cool. She wants to share beautiful and sensitive stories with kids around the world. Her new book was written to offer comfort to children living a hard situation of non acceptance, prejudice and bullying while increasing awareness about these bad behaviors.

She loves to do different things, but is always following her dreams. You can imagine my happiness when a wonderful and inspiring author came to my session. Her book will be published at the beginning of next year. Can't wait to read the full story.

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