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How to look expensive on budget

First blog in year 2022! This is one of the most requested look from our clients.

Sharing a few tips here for "New Year, New Look, New You"

1. Smart Outfit Choose clothing and texture that fit your body shape.

For instance, skinny jeans are not for triangle body shape (global) or straight body type (Japan), go for boot-cut or straight-leg. 2. Smart Color Wear colors that compliment your skin tone and know how to play with color such as the 3-color rule. Neutral outfits create soft and polished look. 3. Smart Makeup Nothing complete without proper makeup application. Know your cosmetic colors and makeup trick are key. 4. Smart Posture The way you walk, stand, sit, gesture and you carry yourself! 5. Smart Accessories Pearl jewelry is always appropriate! Handbag, hat, shoes, glasses, wristwatch are good styling point. Make it simpler.

Bonus Smart Inner Beauty Smile more, be kind, talk good things and surround yourself with wonderful people.

Yes, it's your clothes, your makeup, how you carry yourself, what you think about and the things you surround yourself with. The things we invite into our life create the energy that we feed off of...

Most importantly, the things that come from the heart. and I think that's what matters. New Year, New Wish, New You, New Image!

Thank you for reading! Happy styling! Stay beautiful, well and healthy with lots of expensive luck!

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