How did I start Image Consulting business in Tokyo?

How did I start Image Consulting business? This question has often been asked to me recently especially from clients. That is why I decided to write it down here. Since moved to Tokyo in year 2010, I already admired the Japanese flawless look. I remembered my neighbor who always dressed up beautifully. Her smile, the way she talked to me, her gesture and her fresh and flawless look. Her overall appearance was simply elegant.  I always wondered how Japanese women appear not to age and always boast flawless faces? Although I had been to NY, San Francisco, Seoul, HK or Singapore, but Japanese women, famed for smooth skin and youthful complexions, they know a thing or two about looking fresh faced and fabulous. What’s the secret behind? 

Moved to Yokohama the next year after my 3rd child was born. Here miracles happened. Eye-opener of my view of Japanese beauty, manners and the inside out of Japanese beauty & culture. I used to stay with mother-in-law. Frankly, other than cooking I learned the definition of Japanese elegance throughout the years. The Japanese 'omotenashi' was one of the reason.

The main factor - it all started with a simple family picture from Golden week holiday trip. I was so upset with the picture - I looked like an old aunt. I saw myself in the mirror, the tired eyes, and the signs of an overworked mom stares back at me. That was not what I wanted it to be. There I started to dedicate time for myself. Time to take action.

With the support from family, I had the opportunity to attend a well known Japanese image consultant Academy in Ginza. I became a certified Face & Body Analysis, certified Personal Color analysis, Personal Styling & shopper and personal Makeup lessons with an Image Consultant diploma. 

I have a strong believe in dressing well or making myself presentable equates to good manners. It’s just like making the person you meet feels good about you.  I usually didn’t really bother too much on my look to attend my daughter school events, except recently I dressed up. What mattered was my daughter looked at me with a silly grin during the open classroom day. I wasn’t sure at that time. When she got home, she told me, “Mom you look great today, happy you came.”  I knew, all the moms in the classroom looked good and she would want her mom to look good too. This gave her confidence as a half-Japanese, half-Malaysian kid living in Japan. Since then, I knew my personal appearance not only affect my emotion but it does affect how others react to me too especially the love ones.

I also realize that our manners are also a vital tool of communication. They speak louder than words. No matter how well we dress, if we are not sensitive of the correct cultural manners, we are likely to give something completely confusing situation and resulting in mixed messages. 

To summarize - after 3 pregnancies I became a very busy mom especially in Japan lifestyle and I have very little time for self care and I did little to maintain my appearance. Till one day I saw myself in the family trip picture and the signs of an overworked mom stares back at me. With my curiosity on Japanese women flawless look in mind. That’s when I realized I needed to change, and I took action. My journey and passion to discovery beauty and self love didn’t stop with just myself. I became a certified image consultant from well known Image Consultant Academy in Ginza.

I can't stress this enough, making the person you meet feels good about you. I want to create a beautiful environment, beautiful memory and beautiful me as a mom, wife and woman of tomorrow. My wish is to help women from diverse cultures to define their style and beauty that fit their lifestyle for a better tomorrow.

I have all of you especially my family to thank for the chance and support. Frankly, I have never dreamed of this opportunity. I would say passion turns into work. Therefore I wanted to take the time to thank you for your continuing support. The salon has got brand new name and new website.

Color Me Tokyo Image Consulting Salon.

Thanks for reading.

Color Me Tokyo Image Consulting Salon

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