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Happy Customer Feedback


I’m so happy to get this nice feedback from my happy Japanese client. She went shopping right after the makeup lesson and Color analysis session to get the right makeup items for herself.

This lovely client in her late 30s does makeup everyday by herself. She told me it was great to get a formal makeup lesson to clear some of her concerns esp foundation usage and makeup color ie cheek that suits her. She was surprised that the new eyebrows shape made her look softer.

Guess what, the session was in English. She wanted to speak more English and this session was just a good chance for her.

Feeling blessed to have met her✨

# 素敵なご縁

# 英語でメイクレッスン

# 英語でパーソナルカラー診断

# 英語もっと話したい

# 感想ありがとうございます

# COLOR me TOKYO menu

# Tokyo Beauty Session

# feedback from customer #thank you

# to do In Tokyo

#I Want To Be Fabulous

# Tokyo Image Consulting

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