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Color Me Tokyo Salon Story

Updated: May 7, 2021

It’s a long golden week holiday in Japan and another lockdown in Tokyo.

Have not blogged my salon story for a long time. Good time to summarize my memory with clients here. Since I couldn’t go anywhere, this time I will talk more than one client.

Other than color, makeup, beauty and styling, I also shared with clients my Japan experiences as a woman, wife, mother, girlfriend etc with them too.

Client Z, a mother, an expat wife lives in Minato-ku. She came to Color Me Tokyo session to find her Personal Color. She thought Autumn season color. After the color test and analysis, Winter season color palette look better on her. I also shared where to get large-size shoes in Tokyo. Happy to get her feedback.

I still remember her smile, the charming smile. I miss her!


Client N, the online shop owner and has lived in Tokyo for more than 10 years. She signed up Color Me Tokyo session to have a more distinctive style & more polished look, and find out her personal color. I proposed mixture of gamine + elegant + sporty style for her after the analysis (see picture below). Relaxed and comfortable are her #1. Her personal color is Summer. Happy to receive her feedback.

Like her babyface look and enjoyed talking with her.


Client K, a beautiful Russian married to Japanese. Being the wife of a CEO, she wants to learn the styling manner in clothing and makeup when attending events. She was confidence that her personal color is Summer color palette. But the Color Analysis proved that Winter color palette look better on her and we also showed her the styling image of CEO's wife. She is very feminine and lovely !


Client S, married for 10 years and a mother of 2 children. She signed up Color Me Tokyo session with no objective written on the consultation form. I was curious. When she arrived at the salon, I checked with her again what made her came to my session. Her answer was “I want to look good and elegant.” We started the session in the sequence of face, body, style, color and makeup lesson. She was happy to know that Autumn palette is her color palette.

I advised her to keep her current thick makeup style for evening out. We had hands-on makeup lesson on how to look elegant. The characteristic of elegant look is simple – thick makeup is not classy for elegant lady. Then, she started to talk more. She shared that she put on thick makeup to charm her husband.

We still have 30 minutes left, so I asked her if anything else if I could help. She asked me how I charm my Japanese husband. I told her nothing is perfect.

With client’s consent, I only share one of the conversation here. She hardly talks to her husband. They communicate through ‘LINE’ most of the time. His attention and care are all she needed. I told her, she is not alone, I had been there too. Actually, I am not an expert here, I can only share my point of view through my experience. I told her to refocus, “Put the full focus point on husband will do you no good. We should focus on husband but not 100%.”

Divert the energy to the kids, yourself and friends. Find time to do exercise, new hobbies or new things to do. The feminine energy will come back.

Rule #2, never expect him to do A-Z. Rule #3 treat him like a friend.

Few months later, she told me her husband asked her for movie date. I am happy I could help to get back her confidence.


Client KN, a young and energetic power woman from America, came as a gift from her fiancé. The love story of the year. Love this story. I could feel the love when she told us about it, how sweet. We are human beings after all, love makes us beautiful and alive. She already has all the love, all she needed now is the style.

We started from face, body, color and style analysis, and finished off with makeup lesson. Key to looking amazing is choosing the right foundation -undergarment pieces. We also shared where to get the right and good lingerie. Had wonderful time!

Happy to hear from her…


Client KP, another young charming lady. She signed up Color Me Tokyo session to find out her personal color, the cosmetic color and clothing style for her. The face analysis proved that she has the elegant face style. Her color palette is summer especially the pastel, her cosmetic color is more on the cool colors. It was great to see the transformation from a fresh style face to elegant look after the makeup lesson. She also asked about the beauty secret, other than food/diet balance, exercise, beauty routine, makeup and styling…..what else?! It’s LOVE!!!!!

We talked too much, we couldn’t do the style analysis on the same day. We met again at a café after a week and sent her the full beauty session report. It was fun!

We truly enjoyed the time with all of our clients, will blog more story soon…

Thank you for reading!

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