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Beauty RESET: Story of the founder of Color Me Tokyo

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

I cherish all the happy moments and don’t regret growing older. Turned 46, I understand more and more about life. It’s more about the person you’ve become. Life is a result of your choices.

#Throwback four years ago. The family trip picture, I was upset to see my image. I looked like a pregnant lady. I saw myself in the mirror, the tired eyes, and I knew I needed to do something. At that moment, I gave myself two options – ① a reset or ② stay the same. I knew it was not an overnight thing. Glad I made the first choice.

My curiosity on why Japanese ladies look so elegant and well put together opened the door to a career in beauty and starting @color_me_tokyo

Now I am really confident and comfortable with the clothing that I wear to work or any occasion, my style and my everyday natural makeup.

How? --> The beauty reset

In Japanese system, my body type is straight type, personal color is spring and cute face type. I have more feminine lines for instance, rounded eyes and chubby cheek.

Here are the steps.

#1 - Know your body type

Wear the right clothes that flatter your figure. The right lingerie! Showing both Japanese system and global on body analysis - see picture below to get the idea.

#2 - know your personal color

Using the real drapes to find out the color that look good on your skin tone, I look better and energetic in warm color - Spring. Color analysis is an useful tool to know your clothing color, jewelry and hair, and cosmetic color - the right shade of foundation, eyebrow, eyeshadow, cheek and lip color.

Life is a result of your choices. I choose to live beautifully!

#3 - know your face style

Japan Face Analysis is another beautiful tool to know your matching clothing, bag, fabric pattern, jewelry, shoes, makeup style according to your face features. Knowing your feminine and masculine line is another merit point for your easier shopping trip.

#4 - makeup application

Incomplete without makeup application, no matter how nice your dresses speak about you, As we age, there is certain makeup technique to bring back the youthfulness. I don't use the same makeup technique that I used to 2o years ago. I really adore the Japanese method in skin care preparation and makeup technique.

Tip #5 - Balance

I like seeing myself not in a very cute look. I always try to balance my face features and clothing by adding more masculine line of clothing and makeup or to mix feminine with masculine. It depends where I go, who I meet and the time - TPO.

Check your body shape and educate yourself about what kind of clothing you should wear based on that, your skin tone, the color of your makeup and hair. Once you have learned what works for your body and face style feeling beautiful and attractive will come naturally too.

Don't try too hard

Keep it simple. Start one thing at a time. Comfort is the key. Makeup application is a must. Know the simple makeup trick is key. Looking good, feeling good lead to beautiful mood which I strongly believe the more beautiful energy have in you.

May your day start with beautiful energy. The more beautiful energy you have around you, the better you feel about yourself and confident! Keep smiling and SMILE MORE!

Always pamper yourself the time you deserve and relax!

Want to reset your beauty and style, not sure where and how to start. Color Me Tokyo menu 01 is here for you. We have English and Japanese speaking Image Consultant. We are looking forward to hear your story, your inspiration and bring your beauty and style dreams to life!

Thank you for reading!

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