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Beauty tips for Moms

Updated: May 20, 2021

Sharing 5 beauty tips to all the mom.

We are all busy moms, we need tips and simple tricks for our daily life to feel good and look good.

① Know your colors🌷

Know how to play with them (look at Princess Kate beautiful colors).

I always told my client never wear navy and black together. I even have my own color for my kitchen.

② Know your signature piece/style🌷

- I have uniform for work, signature cloth for outings, I never leave home without my pearl earrings, I have my own style for toilet and kitchen.

If you don’t know your beauty and style, go and learn it.

③ Think beautifully🌷

Plan beautifully especially daily cooking menu, weekly clothing, kids schedule.

Plan how do you want to be and look in 5 or 10 years.

You will find you have less wrinkle, if you plan well.

④ Beauty of Smiling always🌷

Other than good memories/impression for your kids. Smiling is also sort of face muscle training to make you look younger.

⑤ Beauty & healthy cooking recipe🌷

We are busy moms, we need easy recipe yet stylish and yum. Yesterday, I invited mom-in-law to my place for dinner. Sharing 3 of my dinner recipes here. I like to cook healthy food and for beauty purposes. The beauty of my pasta menu is I use soya bean milk rather than thick cream.

Always drink healthily, I cut down my coffee intake. I usually have 10cups daily, now I drink green tea more.

Nothing is perfect. Just try to balance the inner and outer beauty. The things that come from the heart, and I think that's what matters. Let’s be the confidence mom!

Today I am not cooking😋

Happy Mother’s Day to all gorgeous Moms!🌷

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