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Beautiful First Step

Happy to be part of my client's profile photo shooting session. She first came to my Color Me Tokyo session last year. Most of my client has story to tell during the session. She shared with me her struggles during the COVID quarantine period. She also casually mentioned about her love and passion for healthy eating. I always support what I think is positive. With the new normal life, we have to think of new normal lifestyle and workstyle for the better.

Few months later, we had coffee session. She decided to make the idea of promoting healthy eating as her career. I gave her my support right away. I enjoyed listening to her ideas on sharing Japanese healthy food to the world.

We planned the profile photo shooting location, tools, theme, image, color, jewelry and style. We went shopping for the clothing and the uniform - apron. On the actual shooting date, everything went well as planned. It was a great team work. I had so much fun seeing her smiling during the shooting.

I would say this was a beautiful first step into her journey of entrepreneurship. I wish her all the best. I knew she can do it. Her success is all written in her smile. I told her I will be her first customer.

What impress me most is her energetic into a ncw career or a new beginning despite the age of 50s. Her passion for the new chapter of her career, nothing stops her. She is an amazing Japanese woman that I have ever met in Japan.

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