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What to wear to your kid Graduation Ceremony in Japanese school?

March is the month that many kindergarten/school graduation ceremonies are held from mid to end of March since Japanese fiscal year starts from April.

Graduation ceremony (Sotsugyoushiki, pronounced in Japanese) #卒業式 is a celebration especially for the child.

The parents and other attendees also get in on the act. The father will wear their finest suits, and the mom can often be seen wearing their best kimono. According to my Japanese friend this a show for the child not the parent. Mom is ideally good with more muted color for graduation, such as navy or gray. Most Mom tend to save the brighter colors or pastel shade for school entrance ceremonies in April. These usually coincide with the cherry blossoms blooming, with the feeling that spring has truly come.

Perhaps good to have some tissues or a handkerchief — it’s amazing how emotional these ceremonies can be.

The Japanese Moms are famous for planning ahead. They prepare the ceremony wear months months ahead, don’t be surprised some of them probably a year ahead.

Anyway, you are not late to get the wear now. I have one client ordered my shopping trip for this purpose a month before the actual graduation ceremony.

Client showed me her floral brooch that she intend to put on. The floral brooch is nice and feminine look. I also proposed the simple brooch (see right picture below) since she wants to look simple.

Never go wrong with simple brooch yet elegant.

Need help to get the dress that suits you. Feel free to sign up the shopping trip.

# Japanese School Graduation Ceremony suit for Mother

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