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How to dress: School Entrance Ceremony in Japan

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

As I get older, my styling taste changes. I cover up more. I used to put on jeans. How about you?

Put aside personal styling taste. When it comes to dressing for Graduation ceremony or new School Entrance ceremony (nyugakushiki, pronounced in Japanese #入学式) especially in Japanese School. If you are new to Japan lifestyle, I beg you to keep in mind that you can't always follow your heart or your style of dressing. It's about dressing accordingly to the event. The choice of wardrobes reflects the respect for yourself and the people attending the same event.

You need ceremony dress, pearl necklace and bag. Easy enough? Not forgetting pumps or heels.

Please bare in mind, the color choice of your total coordination. Basically, dress can be in black, navy or white. Be careful not to wear all black with pearl necklace - this style is for funeral in Japan. Bright color is for celebration. You may keep your party dress for party. Choose ceremony dress.

You don't need to spend a fortune to get a pearl necklace. Click

for an affordable pearl necklace set to any events.

I looked back my old picture of ceremony dress that I wore to my girls graduation and new school entrance ceremony. That was before the Color Me Tokyo reset - the dress is not flattering my body type.

After Color Me Tokyo reset and by knowing my body type and Personal color. I just couldn't put on the previous dressing for ceremony event.

I am comfortable with the new bright color ceremony dress that flattering my body line and also my Personal color.

Natural makeup and hair up will look appropriate.

It's a celebration and also about creating beautiful memory. The memory will be in the picture forever. As we get older (of course wiser), we want to dress wisely. Living in the new normal lifestyle, let's spend the time and effort to a beautiful tomorrow.

If in doubt and need help for the dressing style in Japan. Our professional consultants are here >>> click>>>

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