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Our mission

Jewelry is beautiful and empowering.


Affordable jewelry that will inspire you, tell your story, make you stronger and a bit of a lifestyle change for the better.

Why our jewelry

✔  Made In Japan
✔  Japanese Akoya Pearl

✔  Affordable Price


What is an Akoya pearl?

Akoya is timeless beauty ... for more read blog below

Wrapped Boxes

It's the memory you buy

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel special with a special gift.

Pamper yourself or your love ones a special jewelry that will forever be with her.


More About Us

An interview with Connie

How did you get started in Japan?
"I started as an Image Consultant, and always considered myself a style-teller. When I work with my clients, I want to refine and enhance their look, rather than change their image. My brand is really an evolution of that goal – making their style become a success, the empowering style and story."

How did you go from Image Consulting to jewelry?

"I always loved to surround myself with pearls. My family in Malaysia is in jewelry business line, they instilled in me the beauty of jewelry. I love simple and classic jewelry as my enchanter.  I find jewelry is my best companion in life - especially my Japan living being away from home. Jewelry is a gem that makes women happy and also make women look beautiful. Win-Win situation."

What was the defining moment for you to handmake your own jewelry line?

"I have always loved jewelry. Before I started Image Consulting business. I find women of today need a luxury jewelry with an affordable price. Japan is the best place for pearl lover. The second, jewelry should not just be beautiful. As women, it should inspire us and make us stronger. A bit of a lifestyle change for a better. That is my new Brand."

What inspires you?

 "Having my family in jewelry business line inspires me most. Japan living experiences continue to inspire me. Paris, the signature earrings that I made were inspired by my two elder sisters and niece during my visit in Paris early this year."

What jewelry do you wear everyday?
 "I will not leave home without putting on my pearl earrings. I always have my coffee and pearl ready start my day!"

190424-kimura-026.jpg Her

….a woman empowered to just do her own thing. 

Since started Image consulting business, she came to appreciate and embrace everything. She never give up.  It is about what jewelry she wears everyday; because she just does it all with passion and inspiration. Nothing stops her.

What Customer say

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Confidence and self love

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