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What is an Akoya Pearl?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

In childhood days, I saw my mother showed her customer pearl necklace wrapped in quality cloth, string by string at the shop but I were not allowed to touch ~they were too precious.

My love and curiosity of Akoya pearl grew when I started living in Japan, the world most produced top quality pearl in the world.

I attended the pearl grading class from a Japanese guru.

Theory, theory, theory. Whenever we learn something new. History always part of it. In short, In 1905 the world’s first spherical cultured Akoya pearl was born, down to the tireless research of Mr. Kokichi Mikimoto, and these amazing Japanese Akoya pearl oysters.

Akoya Pearls, are being cultivated in calm and clean water of Japan. They are very delicate and vulnerable against changes in the environment. Taking years to mature and almost half of their number dies during the cultivation process and could harvest only one from single oyster (two if the size is small).

The perfect oceanic climates attribute to the production of pearls with brilliant luster and rich colors – the qualities the Akoya pearl has become renowned for.

Japanese akoya pearl has various color of pink, green, white, cream and gold etc. It has natural color of grey and blue too.

I learned how to check the quality, the color, the shape, luster and purity of the pearl.

The Akoya oyster is the smallest pearl-producing oyster in the world. Akoya pearls are often available in the market in sizes of 3 – 10mm. Their amazing ability and consistency in producing near-perfect round cultured pearls make them ideal for adorning some of the world’s finest pearl jewelry.

Pearl does not only symbolize beauty and preciousness, but also it symbolizes health and longevity.

A day with learning fun! Let's wear Japanese Akoya pearls and enjoy its timeless beauty!

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