I know what I want. This BEAUTY & STYLING - THE TRANSFORMATION program helped me to get there with magic tools and I learnt the keyword is not about the rule, it all about the taste.

Mary Lee,  E-commerce Manager 

 This is a transformative, 3 hours online beauty session from Japan that combines style, body type, face analysis, color analysis and makeup lesson to transform the way you look and inspires you to live more balanced lifestyle, revealing the best version of your personal style. 


You want to look better and feel better
You want to feel confident with the global business friends,
You want to find balance in your work and private life.
You want to upgrade yourself to get a partner

You are not sure how to go about it, you need a special beauty trick and styling       system to help you achieve it.

You want to look young and dress well as a bosslady

You want to learn something new for self development
You are into Japan beauty
You are busy and prefer to learn on self pace mode at anytime and anywhere


 For women who want to learn how to navigate successfully with self confidence in the global community and create the desire lifestyle! 

Conference Meeting

Dress and makeup confidence in attending global meeting.

Dinner with him

Feel myself and relax if you have done the first impression cheat sheet.

Cocktail Party  
Long Bar Singapore

Self makeup and styling made easy after the course. 

In 3 hours, you will learn how to...

~make lasting first impression
~dress yourself confidently for any events
~find colors that compliment your skintone
~do your own makeup and what color to apply
~wear the silhouette that will highlight the unique features rather than copy someone's look
~make shopping easier and save time for others

~have simple, effective routines for hair that will help you look fresh and polished every day
~celebrate the difference you, the you being yourself
~dress appropriately according to event, place and time

~love yourself more that make you feel harmonious with the true you
~make fashion fun?

and more...


What's included?


First impression does matter. 

We are not born with perfection. Everything can be learnt and master. We know that every woman deserves to be beautiful. This is a Japanese with Italian inspired beauty and styling guideline to style yourself that gets you dress effortlessly chic.


Know your  Style.

Refine your unique style. Whether you love style OR think you have no style,  you will learn how to find your beautiful style that showcases your most authentic self.

* Style by situation


The Fit
Body analysis. Everyone has unique shape and features. Learn how to dress according to your body shape using the Japanese Body analysis
 method and make a shopping trip easier.

*Clothing by situation 


Face analysis

Clothes can be used to create a powerful presence and reflecting your personal brand
*Wardrobe essential by situation 
What are the brand for each face type and create a practical look that works for you.
Dress for your face!


The power of colors.
Learn how color theory can help to do wise choice in dressing and makeup and guides you in choosing the best neutrals, main colors and pop colors for your wardrobe.  Make a wonderful and  lasting first impression for important job, meeting or date. 


The power of accessories.
Complete your look with jewelry and simple hair style and styling techniques to keep your hair chic and manageable. The straightforward routines to feel and look our best every day. 


Makeup is not a makeover.
Learn the Japanese way of applying makeup to highlight the best version of you and still be you. Makeup is about looking appropriate. It should be natural and simple, be it day or night makeup. 

*Makeup style by situation 



1. Ways to look like a classy confident lady!
2.   First Impression Cheat sheet.
Transform your wardrobe and look with the cheat sheet and 100 tips to elevate your elegance and new you!

 Japan Beauty & Styling Transformative program in just 3 hours! Get started now. Signup and receive these exclusive bonuses! 


ONE-TO-ONE 60 minutes  follow up VIDEO CONSULTATION

Value worth USD100

We will meet in my private Zoom room for 60 minute each follow you what you have learned from the 3 hours Zoom session , full virtual style consultation, where we can discuss your style, face, body type and color results, make-up, tackle any struggles you may have and leave you with an action list of items to advance your style confidence.


Classy Note

Value Worth USD50

1. 100 ways to a classy confident you
2. Cheat sheet


Digital Color Palette

Value Worth USD50

Take away a personalized digital color palette in the perfect colors which you can open on your phone and use when you are shopping or putting outfits together.

How it works

1. BUY this course

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2. Three hours Zoom

Meet at zoom online for 3 hours. 

3. Try it yourself

Please practice what you have learned

4. 60 minutes Zoom 

60 minutes follow up zoom meeting.




JPY 20000



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Frequently asked questions

How is this program conducted?

This is an online program. Once you have paid, you will get the material immediately. You will get a 45 minutes WEB meeting with me after you have finished introduction, module 1, module 2 and module 3. In each step, you can do optional quiz which help you get clarity on your style.
The second 45 minutes WEB meeting with me will be after you have reviewed module 4, 5 and 6. Also will tackle any struggles you may have.

I am interested in Beauty & Style The Transformative program, but I am sure it is worth the investment.

On average, my clients spend between USD00-500 dollars on clothing/beauty a month, and many of this money goes to waste on purchases that miss the mark and beauty services that fail to help you feel fabulous. My suggestion? Stop shopping. At least until you’re done with this program. If you took the money you might be spending on clothes, and instead invested in a style system, you would reap the benefits of confidence and clarity in your style for years to come. And save the money you would have wasted on purchases that didn’t help you live up to your style potential.

I am 50 years old already, is that too old?

Absolutely not! Women of all ages have taken this course and benefited from it. You are warmly welcome!

In what currency is the price?

All quoted prices are in US$

I don't live in Japan, can I join Beauty & Styling The Transformative program?

Absolutely! Women from all over the world are welcome. It's an online program.