I know what I want. This course helped me to get there with magic tools and I learnt the keyword is not about the rule, it all about the taste.

Mary Lee, xxx Manager 


You want to look better and feel better
You want to feel confident with the global business friends,
You want to find balance in your work and private life.
You want to upgrade yourself to get a partner

You are not sure how to go about it, you need a special beauty trick and styling       system to help you achieve it.

You want to look young and dress well as a bosslady

You want to learn something new for self development
You are into Japan beauty
You are busy and prefer to learn on self pace mode at anytime and anywhere

For women who want to learn how to navigate successfully with self confident in the global community and create the desire lifestyle!

Conference Meeting

Confidence in attending global meeting

Dinner with him

Feel myself and relax if you have done the first impression cheat sheet.

Cocktail Party  
Long Bar Singapore

Self makeup and styling made easy after the course. Feel easy to meet and interact globally.


make lasting first impression
dress yourself confidently for global event
find your color that compliment your skintone
do your own makeup and what color to apply
wear the silhouette that will highlight the unique features rather than copy someone's look
make shopping easier and save time for others
behave like a jetsetter, global minded lady
celebrate the difference you, the you being yourself
dress appropriately according to event, place and time

love yourself more that make you feel harmonious with the true you
make fashion fun?

and more...



First impression does matter. 

We are not born with perfection. Everything can be learnt and master. Find out how people see you and you see yourself.


The Style.
Ways to look classy look in a global-society and the secret on  how to present or carry yourself elegantly and  in confidence for your daily life and global event

TIPS: Style Global employers or business people want to see on Global women.


The Fit and Balance.
Body and face styling. Everyone has unique shape and features. Learn how to dress according to your face and body shape to get the elegant, chic, fresh and feminine look you want and make a shopping trip easier.


Dress etiquette
Key Items
How to shop smart and look good on budget. The habits - ie, not keeping not fitted clothes etc. What are the brand for Global women.


The power of colors.
Learn how color theory can help to do wise choice in dressing and makeup, if you have important job, meeting or date to make a wonderful and  lasting first impression. 


How to look pretty and feminine for global hot date. What to to do and what to avoid for a successful date out. 

TIPS: Style Global gentlemen like to see on Global lady.


Makeup is not a makeover.
Learn the Japanese way of applying makeup to highlight the best version of you and still be you. Makeup is about looking appropriate. It should be natural and simple, be it day or night makeup. 


Free Workbook for your practise: How to be a classy global minded lady!

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"She created a bespoke session to fit my needs ...achieve a stunning and yet natural beauty look in the most relaxing and fun atmosphere" by Client Mrs. Tokushima

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