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What’s life after COVID-19?

Have you ever thought of what’s life after COVID-19? The postpone of the Olympic Game. Some of my clients said they stopped buying cosmetic, but still buying clothing mostly online.

My business friends said they will wait for the storm to pass. Some operate their business from home. Some people are worried about the future of fashion, some people started support locally made products/services. No matter how bad, we still need to move on. Convert challenges into opportunities.

One thing for sure, digital technology plays the main part here. No internet access, no information available. Really thankful for it. I was able to contact my family in Malaysia and meet them online during the quarantine period.

I watched live concert from home with my kids. Tough a bit unusual but enjoyed it.

Another blessed thing is I managed to convert my beauty services to online. It’s pretty new to me, new kind of normal business but I knew it’s a new kind of normal change - a good change. Life goes on, we still need to get dressed everyday and looking good over the webcam.

Officially work from home ~ happily.

Wish everyone to stay healthy, happiness and keep hands clean.

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