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Two Tokyoite Sisters With Opposite Face Styles

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Face and color analysis session with these two lovely sisters. They are real sisters and real Tokyoites. They were born and raised in the heart of Tokyo, the busiest city in the world and yet very humble.

Many of my clients always choose the dressing style or look by whatever they like without consideration that style may not be suitable for them. I always want my clients to know their face style first, once they know their style - they can decide what to wear or what not to wear.

We started the session with face analysis. Sister A checked face measurement and calculation for Sister B, and sister B did the same for her sister. Sister A has more feminine lines and sister B has more sharp lines. We checked the wardrobe and styling taste. Both of them have opposite styles! From the analysis, sister A will look good dressing and makeup in plain and soft color; sharp and structured dressing are for sister B.

Next color analysis. Sister A is in SUMMER type and sister B is Autumn type, blue base and yellow base respectively. Completely opposite skin undertones!

I didn't expect a makeup lesson for them this time but they brought their own cosmetics to share with me their daily makeup routine. I can tell their excitement about makeup lesson with me from their face. I was wondering why. They said they liked my eyebrows. I looked at myself in the mirror quietly to check my eyebrows and smiled unbelievably. They made my day.

We accessed the face features together to decide the desire look and applied makeup trick to balance the proportion of face features and soften the look. See pictures below.

We also applied color corrector to minimize the redness of cheek.

Thankful for the gift that they bought from the shop near their home. Love the color of the packaging. the miniature cookies were so cute and delicious. #マッターホーン

I really enjoyed the session so much. They also shared with me their traveling experiences, the makeup items they bought overseas and they just made me love Japan more.

I just feel honored to have the real Tokyoite came to my session. I loved the way they talked - so beautiful and smart! Now I know how to differentiate the real #Tokyoite and in this session I learned something new too. Thank you again for coming to #ColorMeTokyo salon.

They just made me want to learn and master more Japanese beauty tricks.

Client feedback is just like a beauty booster shot to me. Client's happiness = my happiness!

Thank you for reading. Just wanna share my beauty experience in Japan. #TokyoStyle #JapaneseBeauty #Japonism #姉妹診断 #ImageConsultingTokyo

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