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Should you dress for your age? for husband?

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

I have not blogged for so long. SORRY!

When I was first moved here in Japan, I struggled for years with my appearance and what styles & makeup color suited me. I was super curious why Japanese ladies have all the charm look. As soon as I decided to invest in myself on learning all this and practice it. Now, I knew exactly what works for me and what doesn't! Ladies, point #1 here is: NEVER STOP LEARNING.

What do I wear everyday? of course this is really about TPO (time, place, occasion). COOL look for work, CUTE look for kids, Fresh look at home, Cool Casual look with girlfriends, Elegant look for Hotel Afternoon Tea, and Feminine look on hot date with hubby.

I have my own taste of dress, my husband has his own kind of style for me. Believe it or not, we usually go shopping together to buy the wear he preferred. So, when I go out with him, I will usually dress as per his choice to have a wonderful outing and put on feminine look makeup. When I go out with girlfriends, I wear the dress I like. Point #2: Be FLEXIBLE

I am in my early 40s, I do wear anything simple for my age. I can't think of putting on mini-skirt. And skinny jeans are definitely not for my body shape(I am STRAIGHT body shape) I look good with straight cut jeans. I wear sport wear to my daughter Badminton event and fresh look makeup. Anything simple and dark color for visiting my daughter school. I do mind colors that make me look mature especially going out with hubby. Point #3: Choose color wisely!

Thank you for reading.

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