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More than Styling job ~

The other day, I had a customer came for beauty lesson. The 1st hour she looked a bit serious, I thought she was nervous. The 2nd hour she tried to ask me questions but nothing related to beauty session. Sometimes I need to respect customer, may be she is not into beauty but why here in my salon. My question mark gone after the session. I poured her a cup of tea and had a chat with her.  She agreed, her face really looked good after makeup and styling. She popped this question to me "Do I need to put on make up everyday to survive in living in Japan?" I can sense she is having many questions about living in foreign country just like I did when I first came to Japan. Probably she never really read the culture here before coming or she just simply ignored the habit and lifestyle of Japan. To make the story short here.  I told her makeup or make yourself presentable is sort of good manner too, it is like make the people you meet feels good about you. Later, I gave her tips on how to put on quick makeup for her busy schedule BUT she insisted "He knew me I don`t put on makeup. Do you think he has a lover?". After listening to this question, I knew she needed a good talk with me. My job is not to brainwash her, but based on my own experience I can really give good tips and gain back her confidence by follow the flow ~ stay in Japan, let's try to enjoy like what other did. Forget about the "WHY" questions but spend more time on "HOW". Is she willing to change to adapt to the life here?  Japanese men usually will not demand their wife for a specific change, but they do appreciate if the wife made an effort.  With the courtesy of customer, I am only allowed to mention the above. She asked me if I have any other menu that she can come. May be I should open an Afternoon tea GOOD manner Menu. I am so glad she opened up to me. I guess she couldn`t find someone to talk. I am in my 9th year of living in Japan as a spouse of Japanese national. I am still learning everyday too. I told her positive thinking, positive manner and positive change lead to positive mind and this will have a good sleep and beauty skin. 

I love my job coz it is not only to help ladies to be more pretty and get back their confidence in living in Japan. The amazing thing is I think...well, I feel like I am more like a counselor or a therapist than an image consultant. Well, may be I don`t really put in details of what my session is about. My salon, is not only for one time visit, I do look for future vision. Meaning, not only put the color drape and makeup & styling tips. It just make no sense for just telling customer the best color and matching clothing. I am also focus on keeping my customer happy and shine for the next 5 year  or 10 years with total balance of body, mind and spirit.   

If you need to talk about beauty and enjoy Japan lifestyle, please book a session with me.

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