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Japanese makeup for you?

Most people will have the image of thick makeup or geisha makeup. Since coming to Japan in 2010, to me, makeup in Japan is about smoothen your face to cover blemishes and accent natural beauty.

In some countries, daily makeup is not part of their life. Ladies with makeup are considered overdo. In Japan, the ideas behind beauty are a bit different. Makeup is often part of their daily routines. Japanese women of almost every age (except teenagers) wear makeup is not about to get attention, but rather to present themselves as looking proper in public.

Land of makeup fans. Japan is an amazing country to shop for cosmetics and makeup friendly country. Cosmetic products are released every season to create new Japanese’s fashion trends and lifestyle. They are easy to get from affordable drugstore cosmetics to award winning best quality and innovative products. Office building, hotel, shopping malls, many other places have a special corner in the restroom with mirrors and stand for women to retouch their makeup.

How to wear makeup is important, many women make the mistake of wearing so much that they lose its benefits. They tend to pick the wrong color shade that does not match their skin tone and apply foundation on the entire face but Japanese makeup technique is not so, foundation is only put on the certain area of the face to get the natural look. They want to achieve a softer and natural look but tend to draw lines and heavy color.

The amount of makeup to wear is really depending on the place (office, school, hotel, etc.), time (day or night), event (hot date, wedding, special function, etc.), and who is going to be there. Makeup can change the impression you want to make from feminine to mannish. Fresh to elegant look. Less is more. In Japan, mainstream makeup styles trend towards natural looks that focus on clear, bright skin and subtle uses of color. Feminine makeup is ideal for hot date. Clean makeup for work. Heavy makeup is not classy.

Main point here, Japanese women feel less troubled if they have makeup on. It is not only because of how they look to other people, it’s about feeling a happiness within themselves.

The fantastic part about Japanese makeup for me is I have freedom to play with my look and wear the makeup style that I want, but in subtle ways. Being a wife and mother of 3 kids. I wear fresh makeup to attend my children school event, elegant makeup to go out with girlfriends and feminine makeup for a date out with husband. I usually have cool type makeup with the little trick to finish up my morning beauty routine to work. When I see myself in the mirror in the morning with the look that I want to see, satisfaction comes naturally. Another thing for sure is makeup does make me generally happier and more confident. Freedom to decide my own look as a woman.

Makeup is no different than clothes and accessories - it's embellishments for your face. If you make the effort to buy nice clothes and accessories, why not Makeup.

Feel like it’s time to take good care of your look or upgrade yourself and wear at least a little bit of makeup. Wonder how to get the feminine, young and classy look. Feel free to sign up my makeup and beauty routine session. Know what makeup suits you best, freedom to choose what your look is.

Thank you for reading.

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