Is not about age, is about positive image and thinking

We listen, we chat. We listen, we talk We hear it, we feel it.

Flash back my October #ColorMeTokyo session, it was more than styling and beauty session.

I enjoyed listening to client’s story too. It was just like my story. The color, the styling and the new makeup look - they will sure make an impact not only the outside image but inner too. The feeling to be “ME” #beMyself Me incharge of my own future!

What impressed me most was her energy; made an effort to make a change to the better her. Not every woman is willing to do this especially woman in her 50s. She is such a respectful lady.

I still believe in personal entrepreneurship. She was a high executive in an American firm. Now a stay-at-home mom, but her energy to be the power woman is still instilled in her. She shared with me about her future career . After hearing that, I knew that when you are born with it, you are with it. I am sure she will success.

Do you believe your look can influence your mood? Yes, for sure. After the session of knowing herself for better image and styling. I do think there is another magic power that every human needs.


Love is the answer. Be it - Love yourself, in love, fall in love or be loved.

Love will make you beautiful automatically!!!!!! The real collagen. The beauty booster!

I enjoyed the session with her. My best session ever!

I received a great feedback from her.


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