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Client from the States

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

A client from America came to Color Me Tokyo session at Ginza salon during her year-end holiday trip to Japan. Ms J. requested a session to know her color, her clothing style and makeup that match her new role as a director in her company. Firstly, congratulation for the job promotion at such a young age. Very smart and capable young lady with a PhD holder. *WOW*

She is really lovely and very down to earth. Easy to talk even for the first time meeting.

We started the session by reviewing her request and below:-

Face analysis—->  she has beauty adult face. With the mixture of straight lines and curved lines of facials features 

Body analysis of straight body type which fit the tailored jacket the best. With pencil or A-line skirt she is good to go.  Well, the fit is key. 

Color analysis—-> she has warm undertone and spring season color look great. Her second season is winter. 

Makeup lesson- she wanted a quick makeup tips. The point here is the base. Once the base makeup is up, the face will look radiant and flawless to match her image. 

Overall styling, she preferred to have an impression of “I am easy to talk” rather than “I am in charge “. We all laughed when she told us that her face usually look fierce in the office. She wanted her staff to know that she is easy to approach. Here, the makeup technique will do the trick - one way is by soften her eyebrows shape and color, the blush direction, position, eye make and etc. Her dressing, her clothes also do the talking. The clothing style and color either to look casual business or formal. In short, we advised her to #balance out to add either or both femininity lines or masculine lines of style to her clothing, makeup, her lifestyle etc. 

Alright, the purpose of this blog is of course I want thank her for choosing Color Me Tokyo and the opportunity to meet and serve her. The main point is how amazing and inspiring she is. We had the whole morning till 4 pm ( Color Me Tokyo image consulting session, the color coordination and hair salon trip).

In this short meeting, I observed that, plus my few experiences with other high executive women, power women talking style is absolutely admiring and inspiring.  

Here I describe the successful women style or have in common:-

No. 1 spend money on their appearance

No.2 always plan for their future

No.3 learn whatever to fit the role

 No.4 think, say and behave positively

No.5 habit of self improvement

No.6 be polished, poised and prepared

What to do with me?

She took the time and effort to learn about style, color and makeup that fits her new role. And this really inspiring me deeply and I have decided to make my year 2020 resolution - to move my business to another level. It’s time to upgrade myself to look not only domestically in Japan. I love Japanese style, I adore Italian style and I respect the systematic of American style too. I want to blend the Japanese beauty and styling with Italian sense of style and American smart style to fit into a global taste of fashion and beauty style to serve my global client better. #Globalization

I have just signed up myself into another level of image consulting learning from Milan and San Francisco. There is always room to do better and exploring more. 

Ending this blog with the happy feedback from her and really appreciate it: Thank her for allowing me post the group picture.

Thank you for reading.

By Fung

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