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Book launch party report

Writing in details of the party after received mails asking me what the party about and what I wore.

Well, the book is knowing your face type that help to match your fashion clothing, makeup & hairstyle. There are 8 categories, determine by your face features i.e. impression of the face (child type or adult type) and the shape of the face (straight type or curved type).

Particularly the main four type ~ "cute (child x curve)" "feminine (adult x curve)" "fresh (child x "Linear)" and "Cool (Adult x straight line)".

As for me I am in this "cute" category (child x curvy). See picture below Cute type model of the party fashion show.

Feminine type

Fresh type ~ striped or border

Cool type ~ can you see the sharpness and the clothing she wear is all about the straight lining.

Will talk more about their characteristics in different blog page.

As I am The CUTE type. I wore something different from my face type.

I wore pearl, one-piece dress and heels to hide my child face.

Dress: Hugo Boss women

Earrings: Citrine & South Sea Pearl (Cher Borneo Pearl)

Bracelet: Baroque pearl (Cher Borneo Pearl)

Clutch bag : DVF

Heels: MiuMiu

Of course food was good too.

My partner was this cool stylish.

Happy to meet my stylish and image consultant friend again.

It was fun party. Congratulations again to my teacher Okada Jitsuko on her new book launch!

THANK you for reading.

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