"She created a bespoke session to fit my needs ...achieve a stunning and yet natural beauty look in the most relaxing and fun atmosphere" by Client Mrs. Tokushima

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There's a better way to present yourself

 right clothes, right color & right makeup 
take you to the next level with confidence.

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Beauty Me Tokyo

Salon's HOT menu.

+ Face Type Analysis 
+ Body Type Analysis
+ Personal Color Analysis
+ Makeup lesson
+ Self Etiquette

A session all you need to know from top to toe. ALL in one session.

A good investment session for inner and outer beauty session.

Color Me Tokyo

+Personal Color Analysis

+ Makeup lesson

Full color drapes to find your best colors, makeup color & styling color tips with full makeup application lesson.


choose one from below

+ Cosmetics shopping trip

+ Clothing Shopping trip
+ New season styling
+ More makeup lesson
+ Self Etiquette Japan Lifestyle
+ the smart lady beauty attitude

Afternoon Tea
Self Styling & Etiquette

coming soon

For whom?

Thank you for visiting my page.

Be it for hot date, job interview, looking for partner, special occasion, impress your husband, refresh yourself, want to know more about yourself, your style in living in Japan the fun way. I am here.

We meet, we chat, I listen, I share, I color, I highlight, I style, I rediscovery your look to bring smiles, happiness and confidence.  Timeless elegance!

☑ I have no idea what suits me
☑ I couldn't find my clothes in Japan

☑ I have important meeting but no idea what to wear
☑ How to look good while taking care kids
☑ I have no idea what to wear due to lifestyle change such as after marriage, childbirth etc
☑ I want to be a smart woman and look good as a wife and mom
☑ I will get back to working society, I want to get back my confidence

☑ My Japanese friends always look so good and well groomed. I wonder what are the secrets
☑ I want to look young. (As women age, facial condition tend to change - the right makeup technique to look young)
☑ I want to get a boyfriend, I wonder what kind of style gentlemen like

☑ I will get marry soon, I want to know my color for the BIG day

☑ I want to impress my husband

☑ I know in Japan, makeup and look presentable is sort of manners.  Since I live here, I want to have a formal lesson 

☑ Since moving to Japan, I have no idea the lifestyle etiquette. Will good to know more to fully enjoy living here

☑ I have no idea where to shop for cosmetic and clothing that suits my budget
☑ I want to handle daily challenges beautifully

☑ 2020年オリンピックに向けて英語を喋りたい

☑ 美しく英語をしゃべりたい

Simplicity is the key. Learn what works for you and put it in practice, you will always look chic and elegant.