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Time to pamper myself this summer 2020 in Asakusa

What do you do when you can't travel out of Japan this summer 2020? I have to stay in Japan this whole summer, I didn't feel that bad. I do think it is good chance to explore around Japan as much as possible. Alright, think of summer in Japan, think of yukata ~ the summer version of kimono. Booked my time with MIU Kimono . My idea was to stroll around the Asakusa temple with a simple yukata and a professional photograher to capture the best moment. I was lucky to have Violeta to go crazy with me.

Just wanna blog down my experience here:

Miu, the owner of MIU Kimono Rental is very friendly and easy to talk. We selected the yukata together. She started to dress me up, do my hair, find my bag and help me with pair of geta and off we went to Asakusa temple.

There we met up with professional photographer Daniel. He guided us throughout the session. How to pose and what to do and where to go. I got the wonderful pictures today, very satisfied.

Not only about picture, Daniel also highlighted about the best omiyage in #Asakusa. The #musteat dorayaki #亀十どら焼き He helped us to wait in the line (more than 20 minutes long) to get them. They were so good.

We returned to Miu studio to have our yukata returned. I spotted Miu's handmade Kimono doll charm which I couldn't resist and I bought it. It's simply perfect for my #Fendipeekaboo

Highly recommend for Kimono experience and capture the best moment by

Thank you for making my #summer2020 a great one.

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