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why blogging?

Hello, welcome back to my 2nd blog post. Many friends outside Japan been asking me what i do everyday. Well, I guess blogging is good way to convey my lifestyle here(try to blog as often as possible) other than pictures posting over ING/FB. Since I started my business, my senpais(seniors in Japanese) have asked me “Why don’t you start a blog?!” and up until last week did I truly know what a “blog” was coz from beginning I knew myself I am not the blog person. I never clicked on blog links. After doing much research and talked with a few bloggers along the way, who have been so kind to offer much support and advice, I have become completely consumed with inspiration to start a blog. Sorry the intro was pretty long.

Headline STORY for today - once in a while family strolling time around the neighborhood on Sunday. For reason 1: EXERCISE - Spent about an hour walking ( try to burn some calories). REASON 2: Family bonding. In Japan, Sunday is a sort of FAMILY day.

Last story for this blog is of course my new adventure. Made report to be sent to client. Last week, I had a job at AZABU salon to meet a Japanese client. She is a stylist and very friendly. We talked a lot. When people come to see me, of course they looking for a change. This lovely lady has a FRESH look, her request was to have a COOL type makeup lesson. After a chat, I started removed her makeup and put on test COLOR drapes to find out her skin color tone. I advise every lady should know their skin color tone coz knowing your color skin tone, it will make easier for you to get the right color makeup for your face - be it foundation color, eye color, blusher or lip color. One of the characteristic of COOL type make up is darker shade and shape eyebrow.

Thanks for reading.

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