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Session Flow

 2.5 hours


Get to know you and your objective. Take `before` session picture.

Face Type Analysis 

Analysis based on individual facial features. A tool to find out your matching fashion taste that make good impression. You will look appealing if you dress according to your face type. 

A session to find out your matching patterns, shoes,hairstyle, jewelry. Shops and magazines for your face type.

Body Type Analysis

An analysis to know your unique bone and body structure and learn to create the silhouette that flatter your body. A session to find out the design and texture for your body type. Know your neckline and waistline point.

There are 3 types ( see diagram)

 Personal Color Analysis

Using personal color analysis test drapes to find your colors that based on your skin tone, hair color and eyes. You will know if your are yellow base or blue base undertone and your season colors. 

Personal Makeup Lesson

Makeup lesson with the balance of your facial features that highlight your unique inner beauty. Will advise your charm point. Starting from skin care application to base make for full makeup.

Picture Taking 

A quick hair advise before taking `After` picture with your color drapes


Personalized detail summary report
100 ways to be stylish slide
Digital Color palette

Color Me Tokyo

Salon's HOT menu.

1. Face Type Analysis 
2. Body Type Analysis
3. Personal Color Analysis
4. Makeup lesson
5. Style Analysis 

A session all you need to know from top to toe.  ALL in one session.

A good investment session for inner and outer beauty session. 


2.5 hours    ¥28000


For repeat customer.

Please choose one from:

+Cosmetics shopping trip

+Hair salon trip
+Underwear & Lingerie shopping 
+ Fine jewelry shopping
+Seasonal styling consultation
+Personalized makeup lesson
+Color coordination styling
+Non Verbal Communication for the executive
+Japan beauty & elegance etiquette 

60 minutes    ¥10000

Accompanied Shopping Trip


+must complete Color Me Tokyo menu

+shopping area: Ginza

80 minutes   ¥20000


  • I want to get back my confidence after childbirth

  • I want to look chic but don't know where to start​

  • I want to look young

  • I want to know what clothes suit me for work and casual

  • I want to upgrade my look to get a nice husband

  • I want to know my colors

  • I need help on cosmetic shopping

  • I need someone to pick the suitable dress for me

  • I want to learn Japanese beauty etiquette

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